Thursday, December 20, 2007

email of the week

i just got this one from my good friend renee ryan who lives in louisville.

subject: have you ever fallen in love through your dreams?
I know this is super crazy but I'm in love with Brody Jenner. I had a few dreams about him last night. We had so much fun together! He was the coolest person and we are now engaged. I want you both to be in our wedding. Anyway, LC was there for a minute and she was trying to talk Brody out of it. God, she is such a bitch. I'm not going to let her stand in the way of my happiness.
So, I know this is really fast but i hope you both support my new path in life.


Anonymous said...

Have you seen this trailer? It seems Renee has already been written in to the script (note the part about Brody's new girlfriend):

Heather said...

holy shit!