Monday, November 5, 2007

and the calf that you carve with a smile

a fortunate chain of events.

hannah met one of her very best friends last year. his name is hobbs and he looks like this:

hobbs is a very special cat that lives in the neighborhood. he'd come by to say hi to hannah every single day. until one day it all came to harsh end. no hobbs. anywhere, ever. eventually hannah had to come to the conclusion that maybe hobbs left this world for the next, and that she'd never hear the jingle of hobbs' bells again.

then one day i gave hannah a copy of the morrissey album, meat is murder. about ten days later, she became a vegetarian. about a week after she made this profound choice, guess who came back to her life. not only did he come back just a little bit, but ...
hannah is now the proud owner of mr. hobbs.



it's easy to be lazy and ignorant. it's more rewarding to not be.

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far out... said...

there it is...put into perspective...