Tuesday, September 25, 2007

this just in: rufus is cooping judy's steez!

on sunday night we went to the hollywood bowl to see rufus wainwright's tribute to judy garland's 1961 carnegie hall performance. i want to act like i knew it was going to be this rad, but i had no idea.

at least 90% of the audience were gay men. those dudes are my favorite. rufus's whole family was there and they joined him on stage and made everyone jealous that they weren't part of the wainwright family. at one point, his mother apologized to the orchestra for playing the piano off key, and rufus said, annoyed, "mother. i'm wearing a robe, on stage, at the hollywood bowl. there's a lot going on."

somewhere over the gay rainbow there is a mixed tape where rufus sings "little sister" on track 4.

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