Friday, September 14, 2007


once i saw milla jovovich in the wild about 6 years ago when tiff and i went to a music festival. she looked amazing - a dirty hippie with muddy feet and unwashed hair, and her face was gorgeous and perfectly painted with colorful eyeshadows all over the place.
she looked happy.

her clothing line is brilliant. she also sings, acts, gets pregnant and speaks three languages. her movies are all shit, but still. i just read that she wants to publish her diary that she's kept ever since she was a little girl. i would read the crap out of that. below are a few pieces from jovovich-hawk's spring 2008 collection.

these ladies are doing the next line for target - spring 2008!

jovovich and hawk bff


Anonymous said...

sometimes i read this blog and think you are awesome and original. other times i think you are really just like everyone else trying to be awesome and original.
milla jovovich is no more a celebrity putting her pretty name to a label than jessica simpson or jaclyn smith (thanks kmart). let's give the credit to hawk and the modeling rights to milla. just as i would cindy crawford to 'her' furniture line. of course milla is fabulous in person- she's a fucking supermodel.

in other 'designer' news:
chloe sevigny is a neat person, and i'm sure she's got some interesting friends, but in reality she works for hbo and hasn't been that cool since she last starred in a harmony korine movie, whom (by the way) doesn't speak to her anymore. i wonder if it's because of all the premieres she's attending. or perhaps it has to do with the google image search in which pictures of her appear with vincent gallo's dick down her throat.

keep posting. but stick to the ebay and hippie shit. and pictures of your friends. that shit's working.

Heather said...

a stranger is trying to decide if i'm awesome or not awesome?

Anonymous said...

Hey, c'mon, The Fifth Element is good and I dig the first Resident Evil.

Yeah, I agree, stick with the hippie shit, that's where it's at.