Friday, August 31, 2007

it's said that the dream catcher holds the destiny of the future.

for valentine's day last february i made this dream catcher for john out of parts of nature stolen from the canyon. and then in april john bought me a camera for no reason and these were the very first pictures i took. unfortunately i'm not native american and i didn't fully wiki the dream catcher vibes when i made this, and i'm just now realizing i've been seriously fucking with my own destiny ever since february.

apparently these things will catch your dreams in the web, and the morning sunlight will burn off the bad dreams and go away forever and the good ones keep hanging out in the strings and feathers, waiting for you to sleep again so they can tackle your brain with good dreams. good dreams turn into good visions, ideas, real life, futures.
ever since i made this it's been hanging in a very wrong spot, where the morning sunlight can't see it in order to take away all the bad shit. i fixed this situation immediately three days ago and hung it in the window by our bed.

since then this happened: john voluntarily mopped the floor, neighbor steve and amy gave me the biggest inspiration in life, renee came to town, i'm coming up on what's going to be the best weekend ever, falahee just gave me a $50 bill, and kimmy just told me she heard that chloe sevigny is starting her own clothing line. HOLY SHIT !!

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