Wednesday, April 11, 2007

sinead has been killing it lately

we're not
like dorothy

listen here

John I love you
I'm ever so fond of you
Will you wait for me
'till I am heavenly
Oh there's much work to do
But I love you

Oh you're tender
Your names a whisper

I let tears fall like rain
Apple-sized they were
All over her

And through all of those times
When you could have died
This is what you find

There's life outside your mother's garden
There's life beyond your wildest dreams

There hasn't been any explosion
We're not spinning like Dorothy
If you look now you'll see why
Don't be afraid to cry
This time don't let yourself fly
Pick up those dancing shoes
Kick off those wedding blues
These are the ways you can choose

Child your tender
Your name's a whisper


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